Email Active Content + Smart Contract
The technologies for the new digital decentralized economy
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Unlike most of the ICOs, our dynamic email technology is already in production after several years of R&D and we have prepared for you a journey into EAC technology here. This ICO is being done to support the new digital economy built on top of it. We will finance good projects with ANTs and create a great ecosystem all around the world, See more here.

EAC + Smart Contract

All these new concepts are much more than a technology, it’s a global new economy. The table below compares the different elements, needed to build an economy.

Everything needed for the digital economy

Email Address + SSO

Token associated with a self-regulated SMART CONTRACT without any profit realized by private banks.

Dynamic Email + Blockchain

Central bank regulation, created by private bank.

ID Card

Contracts papers + the law

Digitial Economy AppInMail / Ethereum
Standard economy



Exchange & Transaction

On the Internet Network, there is just one single unique identifier that represents your identity - it is your email address. EAC technology connects your email to your identity.
The AppInMail Network Token

We aim to build a next generation socio-economic network that allows anyone in the world with email the ability to own and control their own data, wealth and digital identity. The AppInMail Network Token ('ANT') is an ERC-20 utility token that supply the AppInMail Network with goods and services. ANT serves as a crucial part of AppInMail.

Decentralized & Portable identity

Your identity will be stored as a Smart Contract that connects your email address and your Blockchain address. This will be your unique property, created by you as the owner; no third party will be able to access this information without your authorization. All the data about your identity will be stored as private value encapsulated in your smart contract. You will manage an ACL (Access Control List) that enables (or not) a third party to have access to your data including AppInMail itself. This is compliant with (including AppInMail itself). This is compliant with GDPR (Wikipedia link)

This new economy is a great opportunity for new businesses. We want to create a digital fund to help anyone with a good project to build and deploy it. ANT Currency (cryptocurrency) will be the fuel of for this new industry(economy ????), just by joining AppInMail network anyone will be able to offer his/her services like design, consulting, programming, etc. A dedicated eApp/DApp will simplify the exchange of digital services on the AppInMail network! A global new economy 100% digital.

eApp/DApp eco-system
AppInMail Genesis Token

We have created the first community email: Mission AppInMail. It is here where the adventure starts. You will discover here our timeline, information about the mission and what is most important - you can become a crew member.

Anyone who contributes to spreading this new economy over the network creates value. As a reward, you are granted points, displayed in your membership page.

ICO bounties program
To enjoy the mission
click on the button below, you need as configuration :
  • Screen not less than 1920 x 1080
EAC compliant email client:
ICO’s financed project

As explained before, your email address is the UNIQUE independent identifier of your Identity in the digital world. AppInMail wants everyone to be able to independently manage his identity. Thanks to Smart Contract on Ethereum Blockchain it becomes possible to create an identity owned only by its creator.

AppInMail Secure Decentralized ID
Life Time Membership initiative

To support AppInMail development we have created a special offer - Life Time Membership - that gives full access to products and services. By subscribing to this unique offer, you will support AppInMail and unlock the point conversions to AGT tokens. This is a limited offer to the first 4000 users. The price of the offer starts at 50 € without VAT and increases by 10c for each new user. Each crew member of the mission will get a unique T-Shirt with QR Code to identify his/hers participation in the project! By scanning the QR Code the ID of the user and his rank in the project will be displayed. This will confirm you are a genuine crew member.

AppInMail Digital ID Card

To enable anyone to use his/hers digital AppInMail ID in real world, a card will be issued by AppInMail. The content of this card will be the exclusive property of the user and will be connected to the Blockchain Smart Contract and will be used to authorized sensitive operations or grant third party access. For example, if you are in a shop and would like to receive a promotional offers, it would only be neccessary to scan your ID card. Later, if you do not want to receive further offers you can go to your AppInMail subscription page and cancel it.

The merchant will never have access to your personal DATA!
You have 100% control of your privacy!

AppInMail Mobile Client

Mobile is everywhere now and most of the digital life is running on it. The AppInMail Mobile application will provide a bundle of services as well as being an EAC Email client :

  • Signing transactions with AppInMail ID card by using RFID.
  • Giving access to an AppInMail Wallet.
  • Rights access management

All the others Apps will be pushed as eApps (Email Apps)

Thanks to AppInMail administration page, you keep 100% the control of your privacy !
eApps Start-Up Funding

Our biggest ambition for the ICO is to fuel a completely new Digital economy, Start-Ups that want to develop their own business by creating Amazing eApps could be funded with ANT Tokens. They will be able to use this funding to finance service providers (like developers, designers, lawyers, etc.) from the pool of AppInMail’s partners. A significant part of the tokens from the ICO will be invested in this new economy.

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Point charging system:

A new user click on your link
Opening this email
Registration of a new member
The new member subscribe to LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP offer.

All these points will then be converted into AppInMail Genesis Token (AGT), an ERC-20 token on Ethereum’s Main net and will be redeemable for AppInMail Network Tokens (‘ANT’ — also an ERC20 token) when the Network is fully launched.

A new technology for a new kind of network (Blockchain)

What would the Internet Network be without HTTP/HTML and the web browser? Nothing useful. The Web is designed to visit web sites. We are now witnessing a new kind of network, based on an amazing technology called Blockchain, more precisely - the Ethereum Blockchain with a smart contract. Here we exchange messages, gouverned by smart contracts, that are stored permanently on the network.

On this new network the traditional Web browser is not adequate. What is needed is an asynchronous messaging browser and the best one, used by all of us, is the email. Email in its current version is limited by two factors, -the protocol attached an email address is not secure and the content of an email is static. For the Web 3.0 we need the Email 3.0. This is exactly what AppInMail has achieved with its technology EAC (Email Active Content), it implements:

Identity managment
Active content

Unlike HTML, used in email currently, AppInMail has defined a new kind of content that act as a user interface like a Web Site does. So, it looks like as if the email contain a web site.

Thanks to an SSO (Single sign-on) mechanism, AppInMail can automatically connect the email address to an identity management system that allows access with full security for the dynamic content, as if the user has logged into the application.

Why EAC technology is the best to browser the Blockchain network?

Ethereum introduces a new kind of apps called DApps, decentralized apps. If you have a close look at the way this application works, it’s basically a messaging system. Recently the company Status ( proposed an instant messaging Mobile App to democratize the usage of this DApp. But blockchain messages are everything except but synchronous, - they need a consensus so, they are asynchronous.

Then what is the unique asynchronous messaging system adopted by all with a unique identifier independent of any company? It is the email. Therefore, it is the best browser for DApps. Unfortunately, current email technology doesn’t display active content. Now, with EAC Technology it becomes simple to use Blockchain DApps (Ethereum contract) directly in your email!